The Wine

Red Lyons, which plays in the revival of the bright and bold Lambrusco — the sweet and fruity sparkling red wine that may be a rebel to the old world, but is now making a comeback as an enjoyable and amiable flavor that can be appreciated by anybody, anywhere, and anytime.

 The Flavor 

Our Lambrusco is produced by Emilia IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica), based in Italy’s historical region of Emilia-Romagna, a North Italian province known for its rich cuisine and medieval heritage.

Red Lyons is a smooth, light-bodied, semi-sweet frizzante sparkling red wine that will be an indulging complement to both savoury and sweet dishes — from charcuterie boards, cheese platters and meat-based courses; all the way to fruit or chocolate-based dessert.

 The Life

Most of all, Red Lyons is a fun and memorable drinking experience that embraces the present, and calls for now to be an occasion. It doesn’t need to age — just chill the bottle and enjoy La Dolce Vita.

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